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Monkeys instill fear in the human mind by causing many terrible attacks


Monkey attacking people is very scary and also leaves not light injuries that make many people obsessed and afraid of this animal.

Ms. Parvin Hajihossini, 53, while taking pictures of an aggressive monkey named Benjamin, was violently attacked by this monkey, which scratched her left cheek and left other wounds on her body. This is one of the most terrifying monkey attacks on humans.

During a visit to the zoo in Ratlam, Madhya state, India, a boy was suddenly attacked by a mad monkey.

It clung to the boy’s body to bite and tear without letting go despite the boy’s father trying his best to pull the angry monkey away from the son.


In the end, the father and zoo staff had to use sticks to stop this crazy monkey. However, it was enough to cause the boy to suffer a lot of severe physical and mental damage.

Zheng Dong, a tourist in China, was visiting and taking pictures with his phone at Fuzhou Zoo (China) when suddenly monkeys stole his phone. Because of trying to get the phone back, this unlucky tourist was beaten up by a bunch of monkeys and injured all over.


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