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Baby leopard died tragically when it fell into the hands of ‘clumsy’ baboons


Two leopard cubs had to die without the protection of their mother and fell into the arms of a baboon who was “crazy and reckless”.

While visiting the Pilanesberg wildlife sanctuary with his family in South Africa, 44-year-old Paul Wood captured an extremely heartbreaking scene. That was the moment the leopard cub died tragically when it was caught by the baboons.

Speaking to Latest Sightings, Paul Wood revealed: ‘When we saw this scene, we were surprised because the baboon had no intention of killing the cubs. Instead, it takes care of the cheetahs quite gently.”

Before that, the mother leopard may have been out hunting, so it was not able to protect the cubs from the baboons.

Although he did not intend to kill the cubs, the clumsiness along with the lack of milk for the leopards to drink caused the baboon to accidentally kill the two leopards.

Even so, it still tries to hug the cub to find food.

This is an extremely rare moment in the wildlife world, because baboons and leopards are enemies.

Unfortunately, the ending was not satisfactory when both cubs died.


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