An Unusual Trajectory: Elk’s Unexpected Flight Path After Car Collision Leaves Bystanders Amazed


On our way to backpacking in Eagles Nest Wilderness, CO, we stopped to watch 2 elk run along HWY 9 as one elk turned into the road and the other stopped for a look.

When the moose was coming close to the edge of the road, a car going at a fast speed rushed over.

We don’t think the driver didn’t see the elk wanting to cross the road, maybe he was paying attention to something around him and wasn’t paying attention to what was ahead.


That head-on collision made our hearts flutter in fear of whether it would be okay and if the people in the car would be affected. The elk was hit directly, causing it to fly 2 meters high and then fall to the ground.

we were glad to see that the moose was able to get up and walk and the people in the car were fine, they were just a bit shocked by the impact.


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