“Leopard’s Surprise Flight: Warthog Mother’s Daring Rescue Mission”


Despite being the underdog, the warthong undeterred when it was ready to attack and chase the leopard back.

A dramatic video captures a warthong leisurely playing on the grass, when suddenly a leopard rushes over.

The leopard quickly grabbed a juvenile warthong with its sharp fangs and tried to finish off its prey.

But when the leopard did not have time to carry out his plan, the mother warthong ran around the leopard and immediately rushed to attack.


The powerful butts sent both the leopard and the cub flying off the ground. When landing, the leopard hurriedly found a way to escape and gave up the intention of hunting.

So the leopard was scared and ran away, we witnessed this scene also marveled at the strength of a mother over her cubs.


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