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Nothing can compare to a mother’s love when a mongoose takes the risk of fighting a poisonous cobra to protect her baby.


It’s often said that there’s no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child. Be it human world or animal kingdom, the phrase stands true. Even gentle and small animals will stand up to their enemies of intent to harm their children.

In this video, an African squirrel mom demonstrated remarkable bravery after fighting off a giant, venomous cobra in a bid to protect her babies. Mother squirrel risking it all to save her babies from a venomous cobra shows the strength of a mother’s love perfectly.

A Cape cobra in South Africa’s Kruger National Park lunging at a much-smaller Cape ground squirrel, causing it to scurry back a couple of paces.

However, instead of tucking tail and running, the pint-sized rodent bizarrely decides to face off with the large, yellow snake, prompting one of the videographers to comment “he’s not going to win against this. The mother quirrel risks her life and actually scares away a venomous cobra in order to save her babies, and proves that size does not matter.

The plucky squirrel proves him wrong by evading the snake’s strikes with lightning speed — like the Floyd Mayweather of the rodent kingdom. The courageous creature even appears to use her bushy tail like a matador’s cape to distract the cobra while getting in some nips of her own.


Amazing how she uses her tail to confuse snake and make it strike at that instead. I love the way animal mothers protect their babies in nature, they’ll put their lives in danger to protect their babies and it’s so inspiring. The maternal instinct to protect and save the offspring is truly something most magnificent and powerful!

The ‘fight’ apparently went on for more than half an hour. This mama squirrel in fact can be seen lunging at the cobra multiple times ultimately causing it to scurry away.

Cape ground squirrels regularly fight off offspring-menacing Cape cobras — whose venom can cause respiratory failure within an hour — by using their tails as a decoy, according to a 2019 News Scientist study.
It is incredible what a mother can do for the sake of her babies.


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