“Survival’s Fierce Gambit: Hyena’s Readiness to Face Death in an Epic Clash with the Hippopotamus for Precious Food”


The hyenas often organize hunts or organize to steal other animals’ meals, a very difficult meal when the hyenas are trying to steal a baby hippo in custody by the mother hippo.

The hyena wanders around a waterhole and discovers a ready meal, a dead baby hippopotamus and quickly attracts the attention of the hyenas.

The arrival of the hyenas angers the mother hippo, and the hyenas quickly organize an underwater fight to steal the baby hippo from its mother.


Two hyenas dive into the water and slowly approach their prey, but it’s really a difficult task. Just a small mistake they can be engulfed by the mother hippo.

After many attempts, the hyena also managed to reach its meal, but they couldn’t do anything else when the mother hippo quickly ran to and chased the hyena.

The hyenas failed and returned disappointed with their hungry stomachs.


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