The fierce battle of the mother giraffe with the lion for the life of the baby giraffe


This is the incredible moment a brave mother giraffe steps in to protect her baby giraffes from a pack of hungry lions at all costs at Pilanesberg Game Reserve in South Africa.

we can see baby giraffe wandering among the trees alone. Unfortunately, just a few meters away were two hungry lions waiting for the right moment to make an ambush.

The next one then shows the lion trying to attack the baby giraffe. The two predators seem to be able to pin the helpless calf to the ground.

But now the mother giraffe saw and quickly rescued the baby giraffe and chased the hungry lions away.

At this point it seems the baby giraffe is unable to move due to a broken leg. The baby giraffe seemed too weak to escape when the hungry lions had a chance to approach it.


The mother giraffe then waits beside her baby as it watches around to avoid the lion approaching the baby giraffe.

But now the lions didn’t give up trying to keep the baby giraffe…. and then the lions seized the opportunity and took down the baby giraffe.

Even more heartbreaking, the mother giraffe can only watch from a distance when the lions dominate their hunt.

The mother giraffe was just powerless to chase the 3 lions away in her efforts, but in the end, she was still heartbroken to see her baby being eaten by 3 lions.


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