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Standing in front of a powerful venomous predator, the white rat calmly reacted and bit off the cobra’s tail.


Rats are the number one favorite prey of snakes and cobras are no exception. Possessing extremely strong venom, the cobra is more than capable of killing a mouse in an instant. But the mouse in the clip is an exception.

Not only actively attacking the prey, the white mouse also used its sharp teeth to bite the head of the king cobra. Meanwhile, the other two cobras could only helplessly watch their small prey kill their fellows.

It is not uncommon for the prey to counterattack and defeat the hunter in the animal world. However, a mouse can kill even a terrifying enemy like a cobra that is extremely unbelievable.

The king cobra is a species of snake in the cobra family, distributed mainly in tropical forests. This is the longest venomous snake in the world, with a maximum length recorded in the wild is 7m.


When in danger, the king cobra will try to escape quickly and avoid confrontation. However, if provoked further, the king cobra becomes very aggressive.

According to experts, the king cobra has the ability to kill victims, through a bite containing 200-500mg of venom. In some cases, it can spit out up to 7ml of venom. This is the amount of venom that can kill an African elephant in a few hours and kill 20 adult men.


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