The baby was caught while crossing the river, the mother zebra chased the rocks and bit the leopard to save the baby but was unsuccessful.


Kevin Ongaki was leading a tour in Masai Mara National Park, Kenya, when he spotted a leopard lurking on the riverbank.

The heart-stopping clip shows that when the mother and baby zebra just stepped into the water, the big cat suddenly jumped out and grabbed a baby zebra. Seeing the baby being taken away before her eyes, the mother zebra immediately chased after the enemy. It bit the leopard and then launched a rear kick to rescue the foal. Finally, after a while of effort, the zebra still had to accept defeat and leave.

Kevin said: “I’ve never seen zebras protecting their babies so it was a real surprise. I’ve never seen a hunt like that before. The mother tried to rescue her baby but it quickly realized it was useless.”


In order to survive in an environment with so many large predators including lions, leopards, hyenas, and zebras, animals have developed into a special type of animal that reacts quickly and flexibly. Not only can they flee when faced with danger, but they also possess a strong reaction if caught.

A zebra’s kick can break the jaw of a mighty lion, its bite is extremely savage and the zebra also possesses extremely fast dodging reflexes that help it escape being caught by the noose.


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