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Under the Moonlight: Witness the Dramatic Wrestling Duel Between Bat and Python!


A great battle that you have certainly never seen and the outcome of the battle is also very surprising. It will be curious when you can witness the battle of a python and a bat with your own eyes.

The fight was replayed incompletely with only the middle and the outcome. The python is a hunter and is trying to finish off a bat on a sandy beach.

The fight was very tense when the python had no way to suffocate the bat because there were many sharp claws on the bat.


After a long time, the two animals fought with each other, the python began to give up and actively withdrew from the fight. But the bat still managed to strike back and teach the python a lesson.

When the outcome of the battle was arranged, the python tried to escape quickly from the fight and the bat was finding its way up the tree to continue to sleep.


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