“Feathered Protector: Goose Takes Down Rival by Drowning in Defense of its Family”


A rival goose that lands in the wrong pond is forced to fight for a place in the pond when the dominant goose attacks him.

As a pensioner at the age of 74, James Keulder was fortunate enough to record this incredible display and shared it with

“My love for nature and wildlife has only grown stronger over the years. Exploring South Africa’s national parks has become a cherished pastime for my wife and me. In March 2020, we had the privilege of visiting Mokala, a SANParks park located in the Northern Cape.”

“Like clockwork, I found myself awake before sunrise, unable to resist the allure of the early morning hours. Armed with a cup of steaming coffee, I positioned myself near the waterhole, eagerly awaiting any signs of activity. However, this morning was about to take an unexpected turn.”

In the distance, I noticed a family of Egyptian geese making their way towards the waterhole. It was a tranquil scene, or so I thought. Suddenly, chaos erupted as a rival goose from the opposite bank appeared, disrupting the harmony of the family.”

“Shaking with disbelief, I watched as the normally placid Egyptian geese transformed into aggressive birds. The fight was intense, and I struggled to keep my hands steady while recording. To my surprise, the rest of the family didn’t flee but circled around the fighting pair.”


“The dominant goose actually, at a point, completely submerged his rival. It was at that moment that it became clear who was going to leave victorious. In the end, the inevitable happened, and the rival goose was drowned.”

“For someone who had spent years observing wildlife, this sighting was a rarity beyond measure. The sheer ferocity and intensity displayed by the Egyptian geese left me in awe. I had always associated remarkable sightings with the “Big Five,” but this experience reminded me of the abundance of fascinating moments nature offers if we remain observant.”

“I cannot stress enough the beauty and allure of Mokala. Nestled in the Northern Cape, it remains a hidden treasure for many. Passing by on the N12 between Hopetown and Kimberley, one could never imagine the natural wonders that lie just a few kilometers to the west. Mokala is a place of breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and surprising encounters. I wholeheartedly recommend it, particularly during late summer and autumn, following periods of plentiful rainfall.”


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