“Otter Uprising: South American Giants Take On Jaguars in Epic Showdown”


The South American giant otters are the most powerful predators in the Amazon waters, as adults they can hunt pythons and crocodiles for food.

The jaguar sisters Medrosa and Jaju are confronted by a giant South American jaguar near the jaguar research center in southern Brazil. Jaguars are apex predators, often hunting crocodiles.

This time, two jaguar sisters are planning to attack the territory of the giant otter family. The otter is alone but not afraid South American giant otter is also known as the great otter. When mature, they are 1.6m long and weigh 35kg.


A very agile aquatic predator, the South American giant otter even hunts crocodiles. Every time an enemy invades the territory, the giant otter sends out a signal calling for the whole family to come.

Even jaguars must leave quickly when the large family of otters arrives. It is very difficult to invade otter territory.


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