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The Desperate Vow: Impala Mother’s Gaze of Despair as her Unborn Baby Faces Annihilation


Wild dogs in the wild are pack animals and ruthless predators. The prey that falls into the hands of wild dogs most often suffer tragic endings and accept a slow ending.

A poor impala was unfortunately in that situation when surrounded by a pack of hungry wild dogs.

The video is being posted on Youtube and is going viral on social media sites, a lot of controversial comments occur and it makes the video even more viral.

An impala fell into the hands of a pack of wild dogs and out of habit, they would eat the impala’s tail first, then the whole body. At these times the impala is completely still alive and feels the pain.


But there is nothing more painful than when the impala was pregnant and the wild dogs made the impala the most distressed by stealing the newborn baby and eating the baby right there.

The eyes were filled with the pain of the loss of the impala, who had just lost his life and lost his unborn child.

Wild nature is really too cruel and pregnant animals need to be better protected by their fellow human beings and also by humans.


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