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Crocodiles were gorged on by gluttons, while enormous pythons shattered their bellies and sadly drowned.


In the animal kingdom, it is very common for species to eat each other. There have been many scenes recorded when giant pythons encounter crocodiles, they will fight to the death or both go away.

Recently, while exploring in the deep forest, the man came across the scene of a python and a crocodile fighting each other.

Using sharp teeth, the crocodile was trying to fight back from being squeezed by the blanket. An 8kg python will produce a tightening force of up to 35kh/cm2. This causes its prey to break bones and suffocate.

But this is not easy to kill the crocodile. Because it has hard skin, muscles enough to resist the python’s squeeze. The battle lasted for hours. The crocodile was exhausted and the python was busy preparing dinner.


When the crocodile is dead, the python will swallow it. But the snake was clearly too greedy, just a few hours later, it died because the stomach could not hold the large prey and burst.

when both bodies were floating on the water attracted another crocodile, and it became a meal for other predators.


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