“The Lion’s Gamble: Rejecting Mongoose’s Offering, Igniting a Battle of Wills”


The mongoose is a tiny predator known for its snake venom resistance and agility but few know that these tiny animals can also have a huge victory over lions.

Lions are the king of the wild and they always want to destroy all the animals they come across. Fresh battles stimulate the lion’s curiosity and simply novelty meals.

The unexpected meeting of the lion and the mongoose took place on a lawn when the mongooses had just come out of their dens in search of food.


Curiosity prompted the lion to act, but the mongoose was unafraid to stand back and wait for a fight.

Lions are a little scared and do not dare to take risks because the wild world is extremely fierce and many small animals carry poison.

It is the mongoose that actively attacks and frightens the lion, the trade-off is so great that the lion retreats. A small meal should be skipped to save life.


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