“Tales from the Wild: Crocodile’s Bold Attack Claims Massive Serpent”


This unsuspecting python chose the wrong time to come and have a drink, when out of nowhere, a super hungry crocodile shows up and thinks, “Lunchtime!”

Gayle Erasmus witnessed this extraordinary event on the Sabie River Bridge just south of Lower Sabie. She shared her images and story with

On September 15th, Gayle drove a short distance south of Lower Sabie to stop and enjoy the beautiful view from the low water bridge. This bridge is a favorite spot for many because it’s so close to Lower Sabie, allowing you to stay there until just a few minutes before the gates close.

“We adore this bridge because there’s always something fascinating to see,” Gayle began. “That day, as we gazed around, a huge splash grabbed our attention. To our amazement, a crocodile had caught a python. We couldn’t tell if it was the moment, it caught the python or if the python was already dead, but the sighting was far from over.”

Crocodiles are known for their usual diet of fish, birds, and mammals. They’re excellent hunters in the water, using stealth and power to catch their prey. However, crocodiles are opportunistic and will eat things like snakes, which isn’t their usual meal, if the opportunity presents itself.


The crocodile, in an attempt to break the python into bite-sized pieces, tossed the python around in the water. It then swam towards the bank, where the struggle to eat the snake continued with even more intensity.

Crocodiles have a unique way of eating their food since they can’t chew like we do. In Gayle’s sighting, the crocodile was seen tossing the python from side to side. This behavior might seem strange, but it was the crocodile’s way of preparing its meal. By breaking the python into smaller pieces, it made it easier for the crocodile to swallow.

“The crocodile eventually moved into deeper water, concealed by reeds, and we lost sight of it. It was a mesmerizing and truly unique sighting that left us in awe.”


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