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“Sky Predators Unleashed: Eagles Dive to Conquer Venomous Snakes with Deadly Talons”


An eagle risked its life to attack a highly venomous cobra for its meal. However, the cobra was not easily subdued and created a “death battle”…

Flying in the sky to find food, the eagle spotted a snake crawling on the ground. Immediately, it rushed down to attack the opponent. With survival instincts, snakes fought back quite fiercely.


The snake sprayed venom into the eagle’s eyes trying to blind its eyes so that it could escape, but the eagle was able to avoid it, it flew up into the sky and lowered its talons to bite the cobra’s neck.

After a few minutes of resistance, the snake lost and was swallowed by the opponent. This video has demonstrated the law of “strong win, weak lose” in nature.

Finally, the match ended when the eagle jumped up, used its sharp talons to grab the snake, then used its legs to break its neck to kill the prey. The venomous snake finally suffered the fate of the hunted..



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