“Predator Becomes Prey: Snakes Get a Painful Surprise from Mantises”


The mantis may be a small and weak insect to you, but in this fierce wild world it can take down countless other species larger than it.

A mantis was fed up of hunting smaller insects and made the daring decision to eat a snake.

A war that seemed impossible but it was recorded with a video on Youtube. Mantis hunting snakes couldn’t be more amazing.

The green snake is also quite small compared to its kind, but compared to a mantis, it is much larger. But this time the mantis was the hunter and the snake was quite scared.


The mantis approached the snake and unleashed a lightning-fast attack that grabbed the snake’s head. The snake just started to struggle and run away.

The mantis continued to chase and attack the green snake, but one unlucky day made it unfortunately lose its prey.

The video quickly went viral on YouTube and increasingly copied. Many people have felt the terrible power of this tiny insect.


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