“Epic Standoff: Mother Elephants Take on Bloodthirsty Lions in Defense of Their Babies”


The lion is considered the king of the jungle in the animal world. With herd hunting habits, large animals in the wild can also become their meal.

Even though elephants are one of the largest animals in the animal kingdom, but they cannot escape the lion’s sight.

A herd of elephants was moving when a female elephant went into labor and gave birth to a baby elephant.

Nearby there was a herd of lions that had been watching for a long time waiting for the opportunity to come.


When the mother and baby elephants separated from the herd, the lions gradually approached behind and grabbed the mother and the elephants.

With the large body of the mother elephant, she chased away the lions, but the lions did not give up.

The mother elephant called her herd of elephants and chased the lions away.

Because of their smaller body and not enough numbers to fight the large elephant herd, the lions retreated.


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