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Bold Encounter: 100 Wild Dogs Face off Against Mother Oryx in Their Bid for a Nourishing Delight


Oryx is an herbivore, mammal, and has very special horns. The long and pointed horns curved back, creating fear for predators.

Newborn Oryx also have short horns and protecting the young is the most difficult task for the mother oryx.

The stray dogs are on a difficult task trying to get a meal from the baby oryx and its job is to defeat the mother oryx.

Wild dogs surrounded and tried to attack the newborn oryx. But the appearance of the mother Oryx is a fear for wild dogs.


Mother Oryx’s sharp horn can pierce wild dogs at any time if they are not careful.

The power of wild dogs is so great, they take turns attacking the newborn Oryx and the newborn Oryx is then unable to survive.


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