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The python immediately regretted it when he foolishly attacked the hedgehog


The brocade python is a species of python native to Southeast Asia and is known to be the longest snake species, with an average length of 6.9-7m. Their diet consists of mammals and birds, and they typically kill their prey by squeezing them to death.

The Indian hedgehog, on the other hand, possesses a hard layer of spines covering the outside of its body, making it challenging prey for the python. In the video, the python, blinded by hunger, tries to attack the hedgehog, but the latter fights back by raising its thorns and hitting the python on the head.

The python in the video was blinded by hunger, but knew it couldn’t do anything but still tried to attack the hedgehog. On the contrary, the hairy porcupine was initially determined to fight back against the large python, which raised thorns on its back and hit the snake hard on the head. The porcupine’s blows made the python painful and dizzy, but the predator was still stubborn and did not let go of the prey.


The hedgehog had lost a lot of thorns in the previous battles, so it was difficult to chase the big python and had to run away. The python chased the hedgehog, driving the opponent into the dead end, even though it could not attack, it still scared the prey.


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