“Fierce Battle, Gruesome Outcome: 15 Hyenas Deliver Merciless Torture to the Proud Lion”


In the clip, an unlucky lion has an unwanted encounter with 15 hyenas.

Due to their superior number, the hyenas rushed to attack the opponent fiercely. Although the lion tried to fight back, the lion was still injured.

Even when he ran into the water, the lion was still chased by 15 hyenas. Fortunately, the appearance of the same kind caused the hyenas to switch targets. The lion on the shore was also attacked by the hyenas. But in the end, the 3 lions still preserved their lives against the aggressive hyen as.


The hyena is considered one of the most greedy carnivores on land, able to kill large animals such as zebras, wildebeest, wild buffalo… However, hyenas rarely kill themselves. go hunting but mainly follow other predators such as lions, leopards… and steal their food.

In Africa, hyenas often encounter lions, often when hyenas peer into prey the lion has hunted. However, clashes between them rarely lead to loss of life, because hyenas always avoid direct confrontation with lions but rely on the majority or take advantage of lions’ openings to attack or steal prey. With greed, recklessness, sharp teeth and a herd lifestyle, hyenas can win and kill lions when they are outnumbered or the lions are lost, old, or injured. Lions sometimes have to bow to hyenas.


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