Leap of Dominance: Lion’s 10m Jump Subjugates Giraffe


The giraffes are outstandingly tall and can reach up to 6m, which is a huge animal, but giraffes are not easy to overcome the lion’s hunt.

The lion is the king of wild animals and has special hunting skills. For large and tall animals like giraffes, a special hunting strategy is needed to succeed.

The chase moments of lions and giraffes are easily seen and almost like newborn giraffe hunts.

An adult giraffe collapsed unexpectedly before the attack of a lion vs a very special hunting method.


The lion chases the giraffe then makes a high jump and hugs the giraffe’s neck, strong bites in the neck area can help the lion knock down the giraffe in the fastest way.

A decisive situation of battle and the giraffe gradually fell before the lion’s claws.


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