“The Buffalo’s Last Charge: Carrying Lions But Meeting a Harrowing Fate”


Buffalo has always been a very strong and agile animal, but in terms of intelligence, it is probably always at the bottom of the rankings compared to other animals. Here is the most stupid act when the buffalo decides to fight with more than 20 lions.

The wonderful video was recorded and posted on Youtube, attracting a large number of viewers and comments.

The buffalo was trapped in the lions’ siege as they approached a waterhole. And the fight is being interrupted because the lion does not want to fight the buffalo in the water and some of the lions have temporarily hidden from the buffalo’s view.

The buffalo began to regain his composure and wanted to fight to leave in the most heroic way, without choosing the safer solution than hiding in the water hole.


Initially only about 3 lions were trying to attack the buffalo near a lake and the lion could not attack the buffalo while the buffalo was in the water. But instead of waiting for the lions to leave, the buffalo was determined to run away.

After the buffalo escaped from the waterhole, a herd of lions gave chase in the chaos. The lions rushed after the buffalo as if they were going to starve if there was no buffalo meat.

What followed was a sad outcome as the buffalo was quickly captured and fed to the hungry lions.


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