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Astonishing Wildlife Drama: Green Snakes and Geckos’ Fight to the Death Unfolds in a World of Magic and Miracles


The animal world always contains countless secrets and battles for survival, or simply a daily hunt can contain countless attractions that we humans want to discover.

A green snake on an ordinary day of hunting has encountered a heavyweight opponent and created a war unprecedented in the wild.

Video of this fierce and intense battle was posted on Youtube, then went viral.

The battle for survival takes place in almost 9 minutes and it will surely attract you to the last seconds. The green snake encountered a fierce and extremely healthy gecko.

The gecko was the one who ambushed and hunted the snake, it bit the snake’s head and didn’t give the snake a chance to counterattack. The snake only knows pain and runs away.


The gecko is still trying to hang on to the green snake’s head and wait for the opportunity to end the fight. After many attempts to run away and escape from the gecko, the green snake had a chance to counterattack and the battle was fierce.

Both animals fought fiercely and left wounds for the opponent. Thanks to the snake’s venom, it won and enjoyed the meal deliciously.

The amazing video has reached more than 10m views on Youtube and is still receiving great attention from the audience.


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