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“Uncharted Territory: Lion Experiences Historic Pain in Wild Boar Confrontation”


Wild boar in the wild world is also very aggressive and agile in the battle for survival. But with a small wild boar, can it beat an adult lion to escape?

An unexpected video of an unequal but extremely balanced fight has just been shared on Youtube when a tiny wild boar is trying to defeat 2 adult male lions.

Two male lions are thinking of having a wild boar lunch and are trying to ambush a nearby wild boar family. The task was assigned to a lion and it immediately attacked.

The wild boars fled in panic and the lions one by one missed the big prey. Its meal was left with a microscopic newborn wild boar, and it still had to perform a heavy attack.


A small wild boar cannot attack the lion, it can only run away. But really this wild boar is a super racer when running very fast and constantly changing direction, making the lion extremely hard and unable to catch up.

After realizing that the small meal was also about to be lost, the remaining lion joined the fight and successfully captured the little wild boar.

Everyone who watched the video expressed regret for the wild boar’s efforts and it deserves to live in that case. A lion is also a great and undefeatable enemy but it has defeated 1 lion but not 2 lions.

It’s so sad! The video was posted on July 10 and is going viral.


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