“Impala’s Survival Instinct: A Thrilling Wildlife Encounter Caught on Video”


A lioness catches and eats an impala while it’s still alive. The impala struggles silently to break free from the lioness’s grip.

Jaco Joubert, a guide at MalaMala, had front-row seats to this incredible display of nature. He recorded the sighting and shared it with

“As we approached the location where the lions were reported, we could see impalas rutting, completely oblivious to the lionesses. Slowly but surely, these impalas were heading in the direction of the lions.”

Impalas rut during their mating season. This is important for the species as it ensures the strongest and healthiest males’ mate with the females, thus increasing the chances of survival for their offspring. During this season, male impalas gather in groups and compete for the attention of the females. They engage in fierce battles, using their horns to clash against each other in order to establish dominance.

“Suddenly, the lions sprung into action, taking down one impala quickly and efficiently. Two of the lionesses killed the impala and began feeding on it, while the third lioness went after the other impala.”

Impala males are called rams

Lions are skilled hunters, and they have developed various techniques to catch their prey. They are opportunistic hunters and will target anything from small rodents to large antelopes. One of their most common methods is to stalk their prey and then pounce on it when they get close enough. They will often target weaker or younger prey, as they are easier to catch. Lions are incredibly powerful and will use their strength to suffocate their prey, biting through the neck or throat.


“What happened next was a gruesome sight to see. The third lioness was able to break the back of the one impala, and as it lay dying, she began to feed on it. The impala squirmed and moved in an attempt to escape. But its faith was written, and the lioness continued feeding on the live impala.”

Lioness catches and eats an impala alive!

“Although witnessing the hunt was a brutal reminder of nature’s unforgiving ways, it was also a truly incredible experience. As a guide, it is important to remember that these moments are part of the circle of life and a necessary part of the natural order. We must respect and appreciate the delicate balance of nature and strive to protect it so that these incredible animals can continue to thrive in their natural habitats.”


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