“Pitbull’s Bold Move: Crocodile’s Struggle and Pain in Surprising Encounter”


In fact, although Pitbull dogs are not too tall and heavy, but in terms of ferocity and strength, perhaps Pitbull dogs are not inferior to any dog breed.

In a recently posted clip, a Pitbull can be seen even diving into a puddle after spotting a newly grown alligator.

Instead of running away or showing fear, it immediately grabbed the tail of the reptile known as the “swamp killer” and threw it frantically.

The crocodile also did not fit, when many times turned around, launching a powerful bite towards the enemy. However, with its agility, Pitbull dogs almost dodge all attacks, and still maintain pressure with their prey.

After a fierce clash, the Pitbull won the victory after it made a finishing bite to the crocodile’s head.

Pitbull is a fierce, aggressive, resilient dog known as “cold-blooded killer” or also known as “warrior dog”.

The American Pitbull’s bite force has been measured to be approximately 305 pounds per square inch. This bite is said to be strong enough to break a cow’s femur with a single bite. This is about 2.5 times that of a human, and half that of a great white.


If bitten by a Pitbull, the bite will usually be very deep. Many cases of blood loss from this bite can lead to death. Even some medium-sized predators when clashing with Pitbulls are difficult to win because of the breed’s ferocity, not retreating.

According to National Geographic statistics, between 2005 and 2015, Pitbull dogs killed 232 Americans (that’s an average of 1 person in 17 days). In the UK, this breed is even banned.

In Vietnam, there are also many cases of Pitbull dogs biting people, and the consequences are often very severe, many people have died or been seriously injured under the teeth and bites of this dog, including many children. em.


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