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A one-of-a-kind fight when the snake king defeats the jungle king in the terrifying battle of the jungle


Lions have earned their place as kings of the jungle, but even these apex predators know to stay away from huge, terrifying snakes.

The answer to this question is yes! But the snake can’t kill all the lions present on the earth.
Few snakes are more powerful than lions. Like a cobra, python, etc.
But most of the time it is found that lion can easily hunt the snake and win the battle.
Remember that all snakes aren’t venomous as much. So that type of snake can’t kill the lion. As well as the visa versa is happening that is lion kill the snake.

Lions do not eat snakes. According to National Geographic, the first victims of lions include large animals such as zebras, antelopes, and wildebeests that live in open grasslands.
Stealing prey from other predators is not uncommon among lions, which are known to threaten hyenas and wild dogs.

Do you know King Cobra is a creeping land of India? King Cobra is a venomous snake found in Indian and South Asia forests.
It is the longest poisonous snake in the world. Approximately An adult King Cobra can be of size 3.18 to 4 meters.
King Cobra was going to take down the big cat. King Cobra can lift two-thirds of his body to bite a lion.
An adult cobra can lift its body capable enough to bite a man of average height on the chest. Sharp fangs can easily bite a lion and poison it.


According to forest officials, snakes of the wiper family of vipers, which can infect hepatotoxic dishes, can drown the lion.

Russell’s Viper, Digi Whipper, is a family snake in Gujarat and their poison, once it enters the bloodstream of a victim, can cause hemorrhage and cause death.

Also while considering the power of different snake-like Python and Anaconda are among the largest, largest, and most dangerous species in the world.

Lions get bitten by snakes very rarely. Snakes are quite dangerous, but a lion is even more dangerous. A snake is able to bite and inject venom into the lion. The lion’s teeth are able to bite the head and completely crush the snake’s head.



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