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With a two meter long trunk, the heroic elephant rushed to save the baby monkey from the leopard and was grateful to the mother monkey


A baby monkey jumped to the ground to play, but he did not expect that there was a hunter, a jaguar, waiting nearby.

After identifying the target, the jaguar quickly rushed to catch the prey, the mother monkey who was in the tree when she saw her child being attacked could do nothing but scream.

Immediately after that, the jaguar took its prey to another place, it did not rush to eat the baby monkey immediately, but instead played with it for a long time.

Unfortunately for the hunter this time, because not far away there was an elephant passing by, and when he heard the baby monkey’s cry, he went and saw the warning spotted playing with the baby monkey.


Immediately, the wild elephant rushed to attack the jaguar, realizing that he could not fight back the other fierce elephant, the jaguar ran as fast as possible to escape and leave the prey he had just caught.

When the danger has passed, the mother monkey jumps to the ground and holds the baby monkey in her lap, then the mother and daughter climb the tree together.

I don’t understand why the elephant acted so chivalrously. However, the baby monkey was lucky to survive thanks to this act of kindness. The animal world is also very interesting, isn’t it?


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