“Savannah’s Superpower: Hippo Defeats 8 Lions with Incredible Might”


Lions rarely hunt adult hippos, because hippos are one of the most dangerous and fearsome of lions in the wild.

The scene of a hippopotamus being brutally attacked by a herd of lions was recorded by tourists while visiting South Africa’s national park.

Specifically, tourists were driving to visit the national park when suddenly a huge hippo was leisurely in the middle of the road, followed by a herd of predatory lions including 8 females and a few small ones. according to.

Suddenly, a lioness rushed to attack the hippo, using her teeth and claws to tear repeatedly at the back of the prey. In pain from the attack, the hippo rage vented on a nearby Land Rover, scaring the driver away..


However, the lions did not falter at the hippo’s move, they continuously launched attacks like storms, tearing their prey.

With no other choice, the old hippo tried to use its last breaths to move towards the roadside ditch and then succumbed to the power of the ferocious lions.

Visitors who witnessed the terrible massacre of lions were extremely shocked when they first witnessed the tragic death of a hippopotamus under the lion’s family.



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