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Terrifying moment one of Australia’s most venomous snakes was found in child’s daycare centre locker: ‘Not a toy’


A slithery surprise has given childcare workers a scare when one of Australia’s most venomous snakes was found curled up under a child’s backpack at a daycare centre.

The red-bellied black snake was found on Tuesday morning at a Coombabah daycare centre on the Gold Coast in Queensland..

It was originally thought to be a rubber toy until a closer inspection revealed it was very much not to be played with.

Snake catcher Tim Hudson uploaded the vision to his Facebook page after being called to the classroom where the adult snake was located asleep in a locker.

A teacher at the centre made the frightening discovery when going to move a child’s backpack after nap time.

The video shows Mr Hudson slowly removing the backpack to reveal the large adult reptile.

Mr Hudson commended the staff who he said ‘acted in a fantastic way’.

‘One of them went to grab the school bag out of a locker and noticed a black snake curled up behind it having a sleep,’ Mr Hudson said.


‘They quickly rang us and sealed the bottom of every door with rolled-up towels and kept an eye on the fatty through the window.’

Users online were shocked by the discovery, noting that they wouldn’t have stuck around to see it be captured.

‘I’d just leave you and the kids and leg it out the door,’ one person commented.

‘Omg lucky it was found before the kids tried to play with it,’ another said.

Red-bellied black snakes are commonly found along Australia’s east coast.

They get their name from their distinctive black bodies and red underbelly.

The snake carries a potent venom that attacks the blood and muscles.


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