“On a Path to Doom: The Hyena’s Final Moments While Stealing from the Cheetah”


Cheetah is the fastest predator in the wild by reaching speeds of 90km/h within seconds. The cheetah became the terror of the antelope, a fast-running animal.

Possessing great speed, the cheetah’s body is quite small and light. In size and appearance they are much inferior to lions, leopards and hyenas.

The hyenas regularly follow the cheetah and steal the food the cheetah has just hunted. That’s why fights between hyenas and cheetahs often happen.


The hyena possesses sharp teeth and terrible bite force, along with stubbornness and does not give up on the goal. The hyena may be willing to confront the lion to get food.

Despite often winning against cheetahs, hyenas eventually pay a heavy price for stealing.


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