With talented hunting skills, the hyena defeated the giant buffalo easily


Hyenas are the most effective predators in the wild. They are appreciated for their recklessness, herdity and the ability to coordinate hunting smoothly. In the clip taken at the Maasai Mara Reserve, the target of the hyenas is a lone buffalo. This is a really large prey compared to the hyenas, is it possible for them to take down this prey?

The hyenas proved why they are so scary. They seek to attack from behind, avoiding the buffalo using its horns to defend itself. Their goal is to target the critical area, where the skin is thin and vulnerable.


The number is not too large, but they work together to have a reasonable attack, one hyena plays in front of the buffalo, the rest behind continuously attack the buffalo’s dangerous position, causing it to be injured. serious injury.

Finally, after many hours of struggling with the prey, the hyenas completely defeated the huge buffalo.



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