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Amazing photo shows two snakes tangled together after a battle to the death with no winner – and one even tried to SWALLOW the other


Experts are perplexed by a photograph of a dead black snake rising from a dead brown snake’s carcass.

The strange image, which was taken in Griffith, New South Wales, depicts a brown snake that looks like it’s devouring a black snake.

On the side of the road, the two snakes appeared to have passed away and become entangled.

The two creatures’ struggle has been broken off in the middle, leaving the viewer to wonder, “What is happening in this picture?”

The photographer, Geoff Mitchell, admitted to 3AW that he had “thought about the picture [it] quite a lot.”

‘I don’t think the black snake could have done it by itself, I think maybe something may have helped it come out,’ Mr. Mitchell said in response to the question of how the black snake had broken free from the brown snake’s body.

When Mr. Mitchell noticed the two snakes intertwined, he “grabbed his camera and took a picture” of the peculiar occurrence.

According to the research he had to do, brown snakes frequently consume black snakes, but he continued, “I have never seen any cases where one snake has punched a hole through another.”


A listener of 3AW sent experts at the Australia Zoo the riddle behind the image.

The experts’ response was, “Wow! This is undoubtedly odd.

The whole thing is quite unusual, but we can’t image a black snake getting into another snake. They said, “We would still like to think that the brown one was devouring the black, but we will never know for sure.

A similar image of a brown snake battling a black snake with a red belly first surfaced in January of last year.

Gavin Fletcher, who took the photo, was questioned by The Canberra Times about what had happened. He responded, “The red-bellied black was obviously trying to get out and get away, but I think once the venom took hold he stopped wriggling and that was it for him – it was just a matter of time before he got eaten.

The brown snake prevailed over the black snake in this particular conflict.


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