An Unbreakable Spirit: The Adult Rhino’s Heroic Act to Protect Its Life and Tragic Outcome


The rhinoceros is one of the largest land animals in existence. Not only that, they also possess incredible self-defense. Therefore, lions have never considered rhinos as their opponents, even when the rhino is pregnant and has to fight 3 lions at the same time.

One afternoon, a rhinoceros was quite unlucky when going to drink water and take a mud bath in a hole in the desert, then got stuck in the mud. Seeing the rhino in trouble, 3 lions suddenly appeared out of nowhere. now in the hope of having an easy delicious meal. However, the appearance of predators caused the rhino to regain its survival instinct, and the giant rhino tried to use all its strength to get out of the position stuck in the mud. When the prey was about to come ashore, taking advantage of that opportunity, 3 lions rushed to attack, they bit on the back to control the prey but were easily countered by the rhinoceros.


Despite the three lions constantly surrounding and running around looking for an opening to rush in, the rhinoceros still managed to calmly turn around, and pointed its extremely sharp horn towards the attacker. After a siege, the lions gradually realized the fact that no animal can hunt rhinos in the wild. Even the leader of the lion was extremely bored before the difficult opponent and chose to leave regretfully. Black rhinos are herbivores, their favorite food is leaves, branches and shoots. Therefore, they are listed as beneficial animals because they contribute to the reduction of woody plants and create more space for grasses to grow, benefiting other animals.

Thus, despite the large body, the rhinoceros species is about to be listed as extinct because every year illegal traders use their horns to buy profit pigs. The video has attracted more than 32 views recording the dramatic scene of rhinos escaping death from bloodthirsty predators.


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