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The man found the terrifying animal in his shoe and raised the alarm for everyone


A man got the shock of his life when he discovered one of Australia’s most venomous snakes in his shoe – as snake handlers warn Aussies not to leave their shoes lying around.

The man found a red-bellied black snake coiled inside his black shoe at his home in Austral in Sydney’s south-west.

The reptile was almost entirely camouflaged because of its colour, with the man only alerted by the reptile’s presence due to its distinctive red belly.

Handlers from Reptile Relocation Sydney were able to safely remove the snake from the man’s home.

They then shared photos of the reptile hidden inside the shoe to their Facebook page.

‘It’s not Cinderella it’s ssssssinderella slipping on a new shoe and it looks like it’s a snug fit!’ snake catcher Cory Kerewaro said.

‘Always good to keep your shoes stored on a rack, off the ground, to reduce the risk of this happening again.’

One social media follower wrote: ‘NO MORE SHOES OUTSIDE !!!!’

‘Those shoes have got to go,’ commented another.

‘Very wise choosing a new shoe,’ added a third.

Another said: I’d stop leaving your shoes out the front.’


Handlers from Reptile Relocation Sydney have already removed several red-bellied black snake from homes all across Sydney since the beginning of the year.

One was recently found outside a PETstock in Gregory Hills, another was removed from a home in Wilton, one was discovered behind a fridge in a unit in Cronulla and a fourth was hidden behind a pipe at a Camden property.

Eight snakes were removed at one site at Minto throughout January by the handlers from Reptile Relocation Sydney.

Red-bellied black snakes are commonly found along Australia’s east coast.

They get their name from their distinctive black bodies and red underbelly.

The snake carries a potent venom that attacks the blood and muscles.

Their breeding season occurs during spring, which is when they’re most active in Australia.

The snakes are usually less active in summer but can still be found outside properties, sometimes basking in the sun.


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