Flight of Justice: Impala’s Newfound Skill Leads Him to Triumph Over Giant Crocodiles


Crocodile is known as the “swamp king” with strong teeth that can crush an antelope in a split second when attacking underwater.

When on land, they sometimes become apprentices, impatient when faced with stubborn prey like this Impala.

The crocodile with its skillful hunting skills, it climbed ashore using its jaws to bite hard on one of the hind legs of the impala.

Impala struggled to get free, but the crocodile’s teeth were so strong and strong that it ripped its skin, painful, and it only managed to hold back a little strength to wait.


Because it was too far from the riverbank, the crocodile couldn’t pull the Impala into the water to deliver the finishing blow, and seemed impatient when it couldn’t do anything about the impala’s stubbornness, it had to release its jaws. to return to his territory.

With its bravery and stubbornness, the Impala was fortunate to escape death before the cold-blooded teeth of the swamp king.


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