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Survival of the Swiftest: Wild Dogs Prove Their Might, Making Leopards Wary


Leopards and African wild dogs are two of the most ferocious predators found throughout the wilds of sub-Saharan Africa.

The leopard is an impressive animal – boasting a strong, stocky frame and camouflaged coat.

Leopards have exceptional adaptability, lasting long in both rainforest and desert habitats and at extremely varied altitudes.

African wild dogs are pack predators, capable of forming strong social bonds. Therefore, they are rarely found living alone. They hunt mainly during the day, preferring to target groups of medium-sized antelope.

In this video we see feral dogs moving towards a nearby leopard.

Leopards are also observing their movements and then making their next plan.


The leopard saw that the situation was not good, so it began to move to a safe place, the wild dogs also saw the prey run away and accelerated to approach the prey.

At this time, the leopard has climbed up a dry tree nearby, the wild dogs see this continuously jump up to reach the prey, but because the distance is too high, they cannot do anything to the leopard.

After many hours surrounding their prey, the wild dogs could not wait and had to give up, they failed in this hunt.


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