“Bloodthirsty Clash: Hyenas Tear Lion’s Tail in Fight for Food”


In the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, a wildlife photographer captured the dramatic moment a lioness fights off a herd of hyenas and jackals.

Hunting a large wildebeest, the lioness hastily enjoyed a protein-rich breakfast without paying attention to the jackals and hyenas that had come close ever since.

Under constant attack, the lioness is forced to let go of the wildebeest carcass and battle the vicious hyenas and opportunistic jackals. During one attack, the lioness was bitten on the tail by a hyena painfully.

Tasting the pain, the lioness becomes crazy, she fearlessly rushes into the herd of hyenas, regaining her hard-hunted prey.


However, with the advantage of numbers and the backing of an implicit division with the jackals, the hyena quickly forced the lioness to give up.

After seeing that his meal was divided into five and seven, it was no longer worth it, not worth fighting for, the lion took his anger out on the nearest hyena grave and resolutely left.

Surely the lioness will hate the bad hyenas and draw a bloody lesson when eating pieces in a deserted area, far from the herd.


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