Nature’s Rescue Mission: Hyena’s Plot to Turn Baby Buffalo into Dinner Fails Miserably


Newborn animals will face danger even death right after birth. Predators always take advantage of this time to get delicious meals without sacrificing strength.

A young buffalo had to go through a fierce battle when it was just born and unexpectedly survived the attack of hyenas.

The mother buffalo has just given birth successfully when the hyenas are present, the hyenas pull the mother buffalo away from its cubs and another hyena approaches and kills the young buffalo.

While the mother buffalo is entangled in a battle with the hyenas, the young buffalo must fight the enemy alone.


The hyena tries to kill the young buffalo before the mother buffalo can return.

But then all the hunting plans of the hyena failed because the hyena could not defeat the young buffalo, a few minor injuries were not enough for the hyena to win.

The mother buffalo is back and the hyenas have completely failed.


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