“Backstroke Prodigy: Hyena’s Impressive Water Skills Revealed”


This hyena was spotted practicing his backstroke away from his clan, maybe he was training for a race?!

Lambert Fourie captured this hilarious footage on camera and shared it with

Hyenas are often recognized for their scavenging habits. But surprisingly, scavenging is not the only thing hyenas are good at. They make incredible hunters, parents, and even swimmers!

Renoster Pan, a renowned watering hole in the south of Kruger National Park, is visited by an array of different species. On this particular morning, Lambert Fourie was relaxing at the waterhole, hoping that something might come down to drink. As luck would have it, nothing came to drink, but a hyena came to swim.

“At first, the hyena seemed hesitant, constantly looking over its shoulder. Eventually, he settled down and went into the water. Slowly at first, but then he dove in. Soaking up the muddy water in the morning heat, he was having a blast.”

“I could hardly believe my eyes as the hyena proceeded to perform what could only be described as a backstroke. All four paws in the air, he was splashing about without a care in the world.”


Hyenas are usually seen as land animals, not water lovers. While not all hyenas swim or do the backstroke, these resourceful mammals have been known to utilize water sources for a variety of reasons. They sit in shallow pools to cool themselves on hot days, partake in social interactions such as play and grooming, or even seek out prey that relies on waterholes for survival.

“After several minutes of play and practice, the lone hyena was joined by another clan member. This one didn’t look too fond of doing any swimming but rather just stood at the water’s edge and watched his buddy swim about.”

Water is a vital part of all animals’ lives and is often the center of survival for many. That is why the next time you visit a National Park, be sure to stop at the waterholes. You may just be surprised and witness something truly incredible.


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