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“Eagle’s Triumph: Monkey’s Defeat Sealed, Awaiting Fate Below the Clouds”


The eagle’s prey is a pack of baboons located at an altitude of about 30m above the ground. These large preys have a food source of fruit. Possessing a very good climbing ability, but baboons have a disadvantage that they cannot see both directions at the same time. At the moment when the baboons are busy eating the fruit, the eagle starts to act.

This ferocious eagle possesses claws more than 10cm long with a wingspan of more than 2m, their ability to attack from the air is extremely formidable. Although the baboon can easily get out of the eagle’s range of prey, a slight opening can make it a weak prey. Eagles can easily carry prey with the weight of a monkey.


The eagle spent quite a bit of effort on the hunt, it flew around the baboons for a while and then landed on the ground to kill its prey. The baboons panicked and ran away. Unfortunately, a slow-running baboon was caught by an eagle and prepared to be carried away for food. The baboon struggled and bit back the eagle and luckily escaped. The eagle lost its prey with disappointment and flew off to find another prey.


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