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“The Circle of Life: Hyenas Reap the Benefits of the Leopard-Python Showdown”


A group of tourists stumbled upon a rare spectacle when they accidentally witnessed an intense battle between a fearless journalist leopard family and a gigantic rock python. The remarkable footage was captured by a member of a tour group visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The individual who shared the video recounted the fortunate events that unfolded that morning. From the very start of their day, luck was on their side. It didn’t take long for this group of wildlife enthusiasts to spot a female leopard perched gracefully on a tree. With the highest hunting success rate among its feline relatives, leopards have always been a favorite among animal lovers.

Leopards are known to hunt during twilight, at dawn, after sunset, or in complete darkness. Their hunting success relies on their precise tracking, stealthy stalking, and skillful attack strategies to overcome their prey. Once the leopard captures its target, it delivers a fatal blow by biting the throat, causing the prey to bleed and suffocate to death.

The swift and elusive nature of leopard hunting makes it challenging to capture the entire sequence of their actions on camera.

The joy of the tourists’ experience continued to escalate when, shortly after, the leopard cubs emerged, playfully running to reunite with their mother. The atmosphere was tranquil until the cubs suddenly became restless, fixating their attention on something concealed in the bushes. It turned out that a colossal rock python resided there, hidden from view.

The African rock python holds the title for the largest snake species on the continent. These adult pythons can reach lengths of up to 7 meters, even 10 meters. They are found in various parts of Africa, with the South African population boasting the largest size and weight.


African rock pythons are notorious for their predatory nature and highly aggressive behavior, often posing a threat to humans. Numerous incidents are reported annually of rock pythons attacking people, and there have been instances of them swallowing both children and adults.

Similar to other pythons, African rock pythons are non-venomous and rely on constriction to subdue their prey. After delivering a forceful bite, they coil their bodies around the victim, eventually causing its demise. Although not the largest within the python family, African rock pythons are capable of devouring remarkably large prey. In the video, the rock python hisses menacingly before launching an assault on the mother leopard’s head. In a brave attempt to defend herself, the mother leopard fights back, trying to dislodge the python from the ground but sustaining a deep bite in the process.

The footage concludes before revealing the outcome of the encounter. According to the information shared by the video’s uploader, the mother leopard emerged victorious. Intriguingly, she carried her spoils, possibly the python’s defeat, to share with her cubs. However, as the day drew to a close, the scent of the succulent meat attracted a passing herd of hyenas. They scavenged the remains, ensuring nothing was left behind.


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