“The Sky’s Tragic Witness: Eagle’s Encounter with Snake Ends in Desolation”


Snake-eating eagles often attack from above, kicking the snake’s head and using its talons to inflict injury.

As the largest snake-eating eagle, the brown snake eagle weighs 2.4 kg and has a wingspan of up to 1.6 m.
However, eagles are not immune to venomous snakes and rely on speed and strength to avoid being struck by lightning.

We also had to deal with the cobra’s tight coiling strategy. Eagles often exhaust the snake to wait for an opportunity to attack from the back of the hunting head.


The eagle used its claws to tighten, and the rattlesnake came out to pay the bell. However, it was still avenged in a devastating way.

At first the bell’s answer was very decisive. However, with its sharp claws and beak, the large bird easily defeats its opponent. Then the eagle waited for the explosion then strong the snake for food.


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