“Nature’s Justice: Buffalo Responds Swiftly to the Lion’s Aggression”


In the clip, 3 ferocious lions are surrounding a wild buffalo in the swamp. Being attacked, the buffalo immediately turned to “counterattack”, causing 2 of the 3 lions to flee. The other one still tries to hold on to the tail to control the buffalo.

Instead of standing still to die, the buffalo decided to “turn the game around” by using its horns to attack the lion. Being gored by the prey repeatedly, the lion had no chance to fight back. After struggling for a while, feeling that there was no chance of victory, the lion accepted defeat and ran away.

The African bush buffalo, also known as the Cape buffalo, is one of the five great animals of the continent along with the lion, leopard, rhinoceros and elephant.


Meanwhile, the lion is one of the most feared carnivores across the grasslands of Africa. Thanks to their superior strength, plus possessing sharp teeth and claws, they can defeat many other animals for food. The fastest way to kill prey that African lions often use is to attack the respiratory system of the prey, bite or tear the throat.

In fact, buffalo is not an easy creature to bully in Africa. If a lion hunts alone and subjectively, it is completely possible to be seriously injured, even die.



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