Crocodile’s Deadly Hunt: Chasing Wildebeest Prey


This is the dramatic moment a crocodile leapt out of a river in Kenya and dragged a dead wildebeest in the blink of an eye.

The herds are making their way through as part of the Great Wildebeest Migration, which runs from July to September and sees millions moving in search of new grazing.

The sight of thousands and millions of wildebeest wagging their tails to cross the river is so beautiful, they know there are dangers surrounding them but it has no choice.

In order to survive, they have to find new lawns to live on.

In this video, the crocodile has approached very close to the wildebeest herd but it has not been able to act, because it has not found suitable prey.

it knows big wildebeest it’s very difficult to take down its prey, so it often looks for the small and timid to attack.


Like this scene, we see that the prey is too big so it can’t bite the prey, predatory crocodiles often bite on the neck or legs to drown the prey in the water.

It took 2 hours for it to find its target, a small wildebeest, and was walking away from its herd.

The wildebeest cub was unlucky, caught the eye of the crocodile, it approached and only needed to open wide its sharp teeth to take the prey into its mouth.

it continuously submerged its prey in the water, the wildebeest struggled to breathe, but with the tremendous strength of the crocodiles, only a few minutes, the wildebeest stopped breathing.


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