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Thundering Justice: Giant Elephant’s Desperate Rush to Obliterate the Leopard, Seeking Vindication for the Murdered Baby Monkey!


Can make many animals feel scared by their big, cold appearance, but not everyone knows behind that, elephants are animals with kind and friendly hearts.

The proof for that is in the video below that shows us, the brave elephant rushes to attack the leopard holding the baby monkey’s mouth.

Specifically, witnessing the scene of “large intestine blood” being abducted, the mother monkey cried out pitiful screams with a face full of panic and despair.

The mother monkey’s cry for help accidentally reached the nearby forest elephants. They quickly pulled together to the crime scene to help out.


Angry giant elephants butt heads against the surrounding tree trunks, causing the leopard to jump in fear.

Knowing not to be the opponent of the elephants, the predator immediately turned around and “lost his sandal”, leaving the poor baby monkey shivering in fear on the ground.

The mother monkey quickly ran to hug the baby monkey and quickly pulled it to safety. The emotional reunion image made many viewers “tears” to tears.+


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