Wings of Bravery: Trained Hyena Takes to the Air, Locking Horns with Mother Tophi in a Courageous Struggle for the Newborn’s Safety


The wild world is so scary and filled with pain, it’s bad if you see newborn animals struggling to survive from predators.

A tophi has just been born and disaster has struck because the hyenas and its mother were there and fought to the end.

Hyenas are often opportunistic predators, they often choose the most suitable time to appear and hunt prey in the easiest way.

The tophi had just been born and the hyenas began to rush in. The mother antelope quickly attacks the hyena to protect its young.


The strength of the mother antelope is so good that the hyenas are afraid to run away. But another hyena lunged forward and the hyena practiced the same tactic repeatedly until it defeated the newborn tophi.

The mother tophi’s painful battle moment, although she did a good job as a mother, the hyena was too clever.


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