“Pursuit of Retribution: 60 Hyenas’ Quest for Justice and Redemption”


Hyenas and lions are always animals that compete for food in the wild, sometimes one animal hunts and the other will enjoy the food.

Intense fights will take place every day and hyenas always want to take down lions in the wild.

About 60 hyenas gathered and tried to make a big robbery. A family of lions are enjoying a huge wild buffalo and it’s the hyena’s reward for risking its life.

The hyena quickly approached and surrounded the lion, the fight started, the lion cubs quickly hid into the safe area.


The hyenas attack and take back the food, but the lions do not give up easily. A lion leapt forward and terrified dozens of hyenas.

But then the lion chose to retreat to ensure the safety of the whole family and they also ate a full meal, the rest of the food was given to the hyena.


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